For Assistant Principals Only

The link below will route you to the Assistant Principals Page:

This page is for you!  The job of assistant principal can be very rewarding as well as very trying.  Traditionally, you get the large majority of the discipline issues, which brings with it the difficult job of working with parents who may be very upset or in denial.  You may also be in charge of all student activities such as sports, dances, assemblies, and activities.  I was even in charge of keeping the supply room stocked with the necessary teaching and office materials.  One of the first orders I placed was for 80 steno pads, but I neglected to see that they were in packets of 10 and we ended up with 800 steno pads! I think they’re still using them!  🙂

The assistant principalship can also be very rewarding.  You are still working with kids, the reason you entered this profession as a teacher, and you will be setting the tone for behavioral expectations in the building.  School climate has been shown to be extremely important to student learning and achievement.  Your participation in and planning of student activities is a very positive aspect of the position and will help you to balance the stress of handling the daily disciplinary issues.

Do you recall you first student day as assistant principal?  Share your experience with us at the link above, good, bad or ugly!   (It’s anonymous, so don’t worry about being  exposed!) In addition, please let me know what information you need or want that will enable you to be successful in your position! I’m here to help!


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