About Me

My name is Jenifer…with one “n”.  (Long story having to do with being baptized as a Catholic.) Over the last  11 years,  I have been a principal or assistant principal at all levels of K-12 public education in both the traditional and charter school environments.  I even owned a nursery school! I am now working in leadership development with an education service organization.  I’ve always wanted to write a book about the crazy things that happen in school, the stories even your spouse has trouble believing!  As a principal coach, I hope to bring every aspect of school leadership onto one site…a place to go when one needs information,  support, laughter and especially friends who understand what they are going through.

In my private world, I have a husband, two children and a new grandson.  I enjoy gardening, sewing, knitting, tennis, sitting on the beach, boating, traveling, entertaining friends and family, spring, summer, and fall.  I hate winter!


4 responses to “About Me

  1. My husband and I have begun a blog…www.chalktalkwithsharronandvirgilwalker.com. We have read your blog and are impressed with its quality and writing. Since we are so new at this, we need some help. Now that our blog is up and running, how do we disseminate it to a wider audience than our two or three friends? Your insights would be valuable to us. Thank you, Sharron Walker.

  2. Anonymous


    I work as a Graduate Research Assistnat for a Dept. of Educational Leadership. Currently, I am the administrator of our department facebook page. I would like to share your blog with our past students. Are you plannng to post 2012-2013?

    Thank you,


    • jenbmacf

      Hi, Julie…
      You flatter me. I actually just started a new position as a facilitator/coach for an aspiring principal program in the state of DE and this might be a good place for them to share their thoughts as they progress through the year. While I can’t promise anything, I certainly will give some thought to starting up on this blog again.


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