Goodbye, DCIU

As many of you know, I have been at the DCIU for a little over a year as Leadership Development Specialist on the School Improvement Team. While I enjoyed the work, it was a position that depended upon yearly funding. Recently, another opportunity, a full time permanent position, presented itself and I decided to seize the moment. I will, however, continue to communicate with you to via this blog and I hope to encourage you to take a stand against the status quo in public education. Too long have we accepted the many excuses for why we haven’t changed what we do…unions, parents, the board, etc., etc., etc. As a principal, you have the power and the authority to set the tone in your school, to make decisions based upon what is best for kids, not best for adults. You can craft a new vision with your staff, use data to ensure that teachers are teaching and students are learning and you can give up some of your managerial duties to other staff members and ensure that you are spending the bulk of your time in the classroom monitoring instruction and being the teacher coach.
As an independent blogger, I hope to challenge you to identify roadblocks to moving your school forward and working with your staff to solve the problems that you face. I also will continue to serve as the place you go first to find out what is happening in k-12 education today. I wish you the best and hope that you keep in touch via the blog! 🙂


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