New SNAP Academy Changing Teens’ Lives at Pottsgrove High School

Pottstown, PA – Pottsgrove High School has developed a student-centered, hybrid leadership class for credit that applies the High Tech, High Touch paradigm, employing current technologies (blogs, wikis, imovies, websites, etc.), when applicable, to enhance the value of our message – encouraging students to lead a healthy, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. The newly formed SNAP Academy consists of 40 students all representing the diversity of social groups within the school community, while its parallel, an on-line elective, also anticipates 40 members.

The course curriculum, developed by Thom Stecher and Associates, has been modified to meet the self-assessed needs of students in the high school. Lessons are designed to educate students on topics such as healthy relationships, mental and physical health and substance abuse and to provide students with resources to share with peers who may need assistance. The students’ commitment to serving their community is evidenced through the implementation of the following programs: mediation, mentoring, programming and activities, and technology. The mission “statement”, devised by the student members, adopts the acronym RESPECT, wherein each letter represents topics of concern to our students at Pottsgrove High School.

Further information about our program as well as student-created resources on healthy, drug and alcohol-free living can be found on the developing SNAP Academy website at

Contacts: Christopher L. Shaffer and Krista L. Rundell

Office: 610.326.5015


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